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Ghana's Best Driving School

Our Driving School over the past 20 years, has successfully trained more than 16,000 student drivers and thus carved a niche for ourselves as Ghana’s biggest and most patronised driving school. Our driving instructors work hard and always on time to provide practical driving tuition with high concern for safety. We have proven track record of 99.9% pass rate for all our students at DVLA test centers. Our trained student drivers not only acquire valid license but are able to drive defensively after their lessons.

Valid Drivers Licence

Acquire Genuine Drivers Licence

One-on-One Driving Training

Our unique One-to-One driving systems ensures that one student is assigned to one instructor, one car

Easy Payment Mode

We offer flexible payment plans for your convenience

Driving School

Refresher Course

For students who already drive but need polishing or do not have valid licence

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Driving School

Standard Course

3 months theory and practical lessons for beginners

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Driving School

Express Course

6 weeks express tuition for students who wish to practice on their own

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you arrange for a drivers licence for me?

Yes, we start processing you for your licence right from the day we present you to the DVLA for your learner’s licence.

Q: Is it compulsory that I go to DVLA to do a test?

Yes, It is only the DVLA that issues valid driving license for student drivers, therefore the theory test at the centre is compulsory for all.

Q: What is the Duration of the programme?

Standard programme- 3 months, Express programme - 6 weeks, Weekend programme – Only on Saturdays

Q: Do I need to go through the theory lessons?

Yes, Mandated by DVLA that a student driver goes through 18 topics on defensive driving before obtaining a learner’s license.

Q: Do You have a shorter period of completion?

No, the only fastest period is the six week course

Q: I can drive, just want to acquire a drivers license?

You'll have to opt for a refresher training programme. DVLA requires you to complete 18 hours of theory lessons before the issuance of a learners licence.

Q: What time can I have my theory lessons?

General theory lectures starts at 7.00am and ends 9.00am. In case you cannot make it, we will arrange for special classes for you.

Q: Do you have a weekend programme?

Yes, there is a weekend programme that starts at 8am and end at 4pm. You may call for further information

Q: I'm busy, can't make it for your normal class

We have alternative arrangements where student who cannot make it for the normal class have their lessons on Saturdays from 8.00am to 3.00pm.

Q:How many total hours is allotted to practical lessons?

Learner drivers are required to do a minimum of 15 hours in-traffic lessons. Our utmost priority is to help weaker student drivers till they are good in driving.

Q: Can I use my personal vehicle for the training?

No. The DVLA law mandates the school to train with only vehicles that have dual pedals.

Q: Can I learn with an automatic vehicle??

We train our students to be versatile with all kinds of vehicles thus we do not encourage training with automatic vehicle.

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