The management of Goil, Ghana’s flagship oil marketing company in collaboration with Toptech Transport and Logistics Ghana Limited has organized defensive driver training programme for 71 members of staff of Goil. The training was held in Accra. The training programme which was to re-orient all members of staff of who handle company vehicles, saw a cross session the Transport Department which is made up of core drivers of the company and the company’s mechanics. This group of staff were put together into a group and taken through a Four day programme.


The other two groups that made up of members of the management as well as the marketing team were also taking through three days of training. The purpose for the training was to refresh the memory and sharpen the skills of the staff on the use of the company’s vehicles.


In the opening ceremony of the programme, the Administrative and Human Resources Manager Mr. Cyril Opon welcomed all participants and reiterated management’s decision of being road safety compliant, thus saving lives and property of the company and maximizing profits and achieving the company’s aims and objectives. He added that, they had selected the trainer, Toptech Transport and Logistics by their records of hard work and on merit. He said out of many companies invited, Toptech showed experience and ability to deliver as they have been into training for twenty years and been the trainers of the World Bank Africa.


The Executive Director of Toptech Transport and Logistics reiterated that, it was very necessary for Corporate Ghana to take advantage of their expertise in training in all terrains. He said, the training was a special one and Toptech was the only company qualified in Africa in training the full utilization and manipulating the four wheel drive in all terrains. The training which  was in two fold saw the staff being taken through some theoretical frame work of driving and what to do when one finds oneself in a particular situation. Participants were lectured on topics including Factors and Causes of Road Crashes and the way forward, the transmission system, Vehicle Maintenance and many others.

In the practical session, participants were first taken through practical driving in improving on their skills on driving through very difficult terrains using the 4 wheel drive in an off-road condition. All participants were thought and schooled in driving on very rough and hilly areas which took them to drive up to 2,000 feet above sea level and through steep descents. This exercise was to ensure delivery of products to reach all their clients everywhere in the country. Participants developed a new skill as well as driving through very difficult situation on sandy terrains. The most interesting moment of the training which was nerve racking was on recovering a vehicle from a wet and sandy condition.


During evaluation after the training, the participants were very appreciative of the new skills they had acquired and promised to put them to good use to prolong the lifespan of Goil’s vehicles. The participants called on the company to ensure that such major and useful trainings were organized frequently for all vehicle operators.    


The Transport Manager of Goil Ghana Limited Mr. August, stressed the need for the handlers of the company vehicles to apply the new skills they had gained while using the company’s vehicles. 

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